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4,000 firefighters try to beat back flames as Yosemite fire grows

These are scary times for the folks of Tuolumne, a picturesque northern California community threatened by a historic wildfire.

Fort Hood shooting jury ready to decide sentence for Nidal Hasan

Weeks of chillingly detailed testimony from survivors and family victims of the Fort Hood massacre culminate Wednesday in the final chapter of the court-martial for convicted shooter Maj.

Nine things about MLK's speech and the March on Washington

"I have a dream this afternoon that my four little children will not come up in the same young days that I came up within, but they will be judged on the basis of the content of their character, not the color of their skin."

Montana teacher gets 30 days in jail in rape of 14-year-old student who later kills herself

A mother in Montana is outraged that a high school teacher who admitted raping her 14-year-old daughter received only a month in prison, while her daughter took her own life.

Reports: Apple will offer trade-ins for new iPhone

For the first time Apple stores will soon let iPhone owners trade in their old phones for credit toward a new one, according to multiple reports.

Doctors support raising the smoking age

Teenagers looking to buy cigarettes in New York may have to look elsewhere if a city council proposal is approved and signed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The proposal would raise the legal age to buy any form of tobacco from 18 to 21.

Home prices still surging ... for now

Home prices are still surging, but the pace of the gains has steadied as interest rates continue to rise.

Sentencing phase of Fort Hood shooting court-martial set to resume

Heartbreaking testimony from victims and family members of the Fort Hood shooting will continue Tuesday, as the court-martial of convicted shooter Nidal Hasan moves closer to a dramatic conclusion.

Newtown students start first new school year after shooting

The return to school after the summer break is an annual milestone in every child's life.

Jurors may decide on death sentence for Nidal Hasan

A military jury could begin considering by late Tuesday whether Maj. Nidal Hasan will be executed for the November 2009 mass murder on a Texas Army base.