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Redford: Women, young people must save U.S. from men 'behaving stupidly'

Robert Redford says bigotry, fear of change and a determination to personally destroy President Barack Obama have paralyzed the U.S. government.

Veterans group promises nearly 40,000 checks should shutdown drag on

No checks? No worries. Or for some veterans, at least not as many worries, for a while.

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder calls for review of rape case

Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder on Tuesday called for a grand jury review of a controversial case of alleged rape in Maryville.

Sheriff: Taunting post leads to arrests in Rebecca Sedwick bullying death

The attorney for a 14-year-old Florida girl charged with aggravated stalking that alledgedly led to the suicide of a 12-year-old classmate told CNN that her client isn't responsible for a controversial Facebook post that led to the suspect&

Jane Richard, 7, Boston bombing survivor, sings anthem at Red Sox game

On April 15, the Boston Red Sox won an early-season game at Fenway Park in dramatic, walk-off fashion in the bottom of the ninth inning.

Two girls arrested in Rebecca Sedwick bullying death

Five weeks after 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick jumped to her death -- prompted, authorities say, by intense bullying -- police in Polk County, Florida, have arrested two girls on aggravated stalking charges.

Family alleges retaliation from town in Missouri rape case

It was supposed to be the beginning of a new life. Melinda Coleman and her four children moved to the small town of Maryville, Missouri, to start fresh after her husband and the children's father died in a car accident.

Shutdown showdown: If there's a deal, what next?

We all know the School House Rock song about how a bill becomes a law.

Why your face might appear in Google ads, and how to stop it

You're considering buying a new pair of tube socks. A quick Google search pulls up some sock ads and below one of them you see your pal Kimberly's face next to a four-star review she's left for Sal's Sock Emporium.

Shutdown Poll: No winners but GOP bigger loser than Dems

A new national poll indicates Americans are increasing giving a thumbs down to how their elected leaders are dealing with the fiscal fights two weeks into a government shutdown and days before a deadline to raise the debt ceiling.