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Suspect named in beating of blind man in Philadelphia

A suspect has been named in the October 2 beating of a blind man, the Philadelphia Police Department said Friday.

California jury clears Toyota in wrongful death lawsuit

A California jury on Thursday rejected claims that Toyota was responsible for the death of a woman in a 2009 crash that resulted from a sudden and uncontrollable acceleration of one of its cars.

Ariel Castro did not die of auto-erotic asphyxiation, coroner says

An Ohio medical examiner contradicted reports that kidnapper Ariel Castro died from auto-erotic asphyxiation.

New iPhones haven't saved Apple's stock

Despite glowing reviews and strong sales, new iPhones haven't done anything to get Apple's stock out of the doldrums.

Hot air balloon hits power line crashes, 2 burned

A wayward hot air balloon hit power lines Wednesday morning during an event in New Mexico, severely burning the two men in it and causing the balloon to plummet some 40 feet to the ground.

Judge: Jury selection, trial of James Holmes could last 8 months

Those deciding accused Colorado movie theater shooter James Holmes' fate should expect the whole process to take eight months, a judge ruled Wednesday, suggesting -- while few question who is behind the massacre -- that other factors might

Hannah Anderson: DiMaggio handcuffed me, wanted me to play Russian roulette

Two months after a nationwide manhunt helped authorities track down kidnapped California teen Hannah Anderson, she's revealing new details about her conversations with the man who allegedly held her hostage and killed her mother and brother

South Dakota blizzard kills, buries cows; shutdown leaves ranchers in the cold

Like a scene from a scriptural parable, dark carcasses of cows and steers lie motionless in silent clusters across swaths of South Dakota.

Samsung unveils first curved smartphone

Samsung unveiled the world's first smartphone with a curved screen Wednesday, hoping the new design will improve comfort and convenience for users.

Unpaid interns not protected from sexual harassment

Unpaid interns don't get wages and benefits. It turns out, they're also not protected from sexual harassment.