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Colorado movie theater, scene of mass shooting, reopens despite discontent

The Colorado movie theater where a shocking gun rampage in July killed 12 people and wounded 58 others reopened Thursday despite criticism from the families of some of the victims.

Three sentenced in immigration scam for faking Cuban birth certificates

It sounded like a good deal: Get a Cuban birth certificate, and stay in the United States, worry-free.

Boeing's Dreamliner fleet grounded

Boeing's global fleet of 787 Dreamliners has been taken out of service after U.S.

Lance Armstrong stripped of Olympic medal as airing of Oprah interview nears

Not only is disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong no longer officially a Tour de France winner -- he's no longer an Olympic medalist either.

New ATMs dispense $1 and $5 bills

Hundreds of new ATMs capable of dispensing as little as $1 are popping up across the country.

Obama campaign arm begins gun control push

President Barack Obama's political operation began asking its wide network of backers Thursday to voice their support for the president's gun violence proposals, the first step in Obama for America's p

Flu vaccine attitudes abroad differ from U.S.

The flu hasn't hit Europe as hard as it has the United States, health officials say, but when and if it does, don't expect a call for vaccination of the entire population.

Girl recovering after abduction by woman posing as her mom

Philadelphia police are still searching for the woman who they say abducted a 5-year-old girl from her elementary school on Monday by posing as the girl's mother, dressed in a Muslim-style head covering.

'Universal background check:' What does it mean?

In an effort to stem gun violence across the United States, President Barack Obama on Wednesday signed 23 executive actions, which don't require congressional approval -- some of which called for tougher enforcement of existing laws and req

School bus drivers strike in NYC

For the first time since 1979, New York City school bus drivers went on strike Wednesday -- a protest that is affecting more than 150,000 students.