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Detroit bankruptcy filing came with only 5 minutes to spare

Detroit's financial problems may have been building for decades, but its bankruptcy filing got in just under the wire.

Iowa back in the 2016 spotlight, again

The 2016 Iowa caucuses may still be two and a half years away, but two possible Republican White House hopefuls head Friday to the state that traditionally votes first in the presidential primary and caucus calendar.

Latest developments in the royal baby watch

Royal watchers eagerly await the arrival of a child who will be heir to the British throne.

Netflix joins the Emmy club

Remember Netflix, that little video rental outfit that sent you DVDs via the U.S. mail?

China tipped to surpass U.S. as top superpower

Will China supplant the United States as the world's leading superpower and top player in the world economy?

Majority favor same-sex marriage in Virginia

A new poll indicates half of voters in Virginia support same-sex marriage, which was banned in the commonwealth by constitutional amendment in 2006.

Searching for what's still made in the USA

Josh Miller never gave much thought to where his car, bed or toothpaste came from until an aluminum plant in his hometown of Ravenswood, West Virginia, shut down about four years ago.

Mandela 'steadily improving' as he turns 95 in hospital

As an ailing Nelson Mandela recuperates in a South African hospital, the world celebrated his 95th birthday Thursday, honoring his legacy in various ways, including performing 67 minutes of community service.

WE DO marriage equality campaign to hold final Mississippi protest in AFA’s backyard

As a campaign for marriage equality continues in Mississippi, the American Family Association reaffirms its position.

Cleveland kidnapping suspect pleads not guilty to 977 counts

A Cleveland man accused of murder, rape and holding three women captive for about a decade in his home pleaded not guilty Wednesday to the 977 counts against him.