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Report: Railway head says train in Canada tampered with

The chairman of the company whose driverless train barreled into the small Quebec town of Lac-Magantic and unleashed a deadly inferno told a Montreal newspaper he believes it had been tampered with.

Veterans still fighting for survival in tough job market

The transition from soldier to civilian is rough. It is even more difficult in a tough job market.

John Mayer dedicates song to 'patient' Katy Perry

John Mayer's "Born and Raised" tour got started over the weekend with a tribute to Katy Perry.

10 things to know for a safe flight

Grisly plane crashes make headlines and capture the public imagination. Yet safety advances and improvements in staff training have helped improve air-crash survival rates in recent years.

Like a great bottle of scotch, this bartender is aged to perfection

What do you expect to be doing when you're nearing 100? Living a quiet life? A slower life? Those lives are far from the case for one Connecticut woman who still works full-time slinger drinks at a bar.

Dozens killed as Egyptian military clashes with pro-Morsy protesters

More than 40 people were killed Monday when Egyptian security forces clashed with supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood, the government said.

Andy Murray could make $20 million a year

Andy Murray is set to win big from sponsorships and endorsement deals after becoming the first British tennis player in 77 years to win the prestigious Wimbledon men's championship.

Boeing stock unscathed by this year's troubles

The tragic Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 crash at San Francisco's airport on Saturday is the third hit of trouble for the aircraft maker this year.

'Oh, lord have mercy:' Witness captures fatal jet crash

"Look at that one -- look at how his nose is up in the air."

Cinemas in airports: Nice, but would you use them?

A new poll this week claims the thing people most want to see in an airport is a cinema.