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Michigan cousins go after crayfish, hook a mastodon

An 11-year-old from Michigan said he is going to really wow his schoolmates Friday with the "coolest" show-and-tell item anyone's ever brought to the sixth grade.

John McAfee says he faked heart attack to avoid deportation to Belize

American technology pioneer John McAfee said he faked a heart attack while detained in Guatemala to buy time for his attorney to file a series of appeals that ultimately prevented his deportation to Belize, hastening the government's decisi

Justin Bieber's murder, castration plotted, police say

A New Mexico inmate, an ex-convict on probation and his nephew are under investigation for plotting to castrate and murder pop singer Justin Bieber, police said Thursday.

Shoppers set to return to Oregon mall days after fatal shooting

For three days, Clackamas Town Center has been a crime scene. On Friday, it will be a shopping mall, once again.

Retail sales bounce back

November retail sales rebounded in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, helped by a strong and early start to the holiday shopping season, according to the latest government economic reading.

Cybersecurity firm says fraud campaign is set to target banks next spring

Some of the nation's biggest banks are at risk of a massive cyber attack next year that could potentially siphon funds from unsuspecting customers, according to a leading digital security firm.

'I have lived one crazy life so far,' Oregon mall gunman says on Facebook

Intended or not, the central image on the Facebook page of Jacob "Jake" Roberts, the Oregon shopping mall gunman, is haunting.

'I shed some innocent blood,' man says after carving pentagram on son's back

While many people saw Wednesday's memorable date of 12/12/12 as an auspicious moment to tie the knot or start a business, a Texas man appears to have interpreted the day as a reason to carry out a grotesque and sinister act.

Dealing with a different holiday trip: the guilt trip

Holiday guilt comes in different forms, from the competitive ("Why are you celebrating all the best days with them?") to the personal ("We didn't pay a French chateau's worth of mortgage for law school so you could be an

How to see your 2012 highlights on Twitter

You may already know that President Barack Obama's "Four more years" was the top post on Twitter in 2012, but what was yours?