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Luxor balloon flights set to resume

Hot air balloon rides at Egypt's popular tourist destination of Luxor are set to resume Wednesday, according to a statement on the Egyptian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission's (CARC) website (Arabic).

Report: Hospitals profit more from surgical complications

No patient wants to experience complications after surgery.

Should Boston bombing suspect get a Miranda warning? Debate follows Friday capture

As Boston celebrated the capture of a suspect in the marathon bombings Friday night, a debate erupted in Washington over whether military or civilian law would best handle Dzhokar Tsarnaev.

What the suspects' family has to say

"Losers" or victims of a framing?

Police chief: Boston manhunt began with intense firefight in dark street

Handguns, a rifle and at least six bombs -- three of which exploded -- were found at the scene early Friday after officers first confronted the two Boston Marathon bombing suspects in the darkness of a residential street, the Watertown, Massach

Google earnings top estimates, despite mobile problems

Mobile continues to be a problem for Google, as the company struggles with how to make money off mobile ads and its Motorola smartphone unit. But earnings still beat Wall Street estimates.

Three new planets could host life

In the midst of chaos here on Earth, scientists are finding hope for life on other planets.

Verizon iPhone sales tumble 33 percent

Either iPhone customers are growing savvier, or they're starting to tire of Apple's smartphone.

SUSPECT CAPTURED: Cheers erupt in Watertown with suspect apprehended alive

Law enforcement officials erupted in cheers in Watertown, Masssachusetts, on Friday night -- moments before Boston police tweeted that the lone remaining suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings was in custody.

Timeline: How the chase of Boston bombing suspects developed

Developments in the Boston Marathon bombings investigation have come quickly since the release of photos of the suspects. The timeline is in Eastern Time Thursday