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SeaWorld defends protocol, staffers' actions after dolphin bites girl

SeaWorld defended itself Sunday from criticism from a family after a dolphin bit their 8-year-old daughter at the Orlando attraction.

You won the lottery! What's your tax hit?

The winners of the biggest Powerball lottery in history aren't the only ones celebrating. The IRS has hit a jackpot of its own, with millions of dollars in taxes potentially coming its way.

Ten ways falling off the fiscal cliff could hurt your health

If President Barack Obama and Congress cannot reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff, economic experts agree it would be devastating.

Despite supply concerns, Apple has iPhone 5s well stocked

It looks like there will not be a shortage of iPhone 5s this holiday season, with plenty of the devices for all carriers in stock at stores around the U.S.

New York cop's act of kindness goes viral

Here's how a simple act of kindness can become a worldwide inspiration and a public relations bonanza for the New York Police Department.

Will the winning Powerball ticket holder please step forward?

The new parlor game gripping two cities a thousand miles apart -- "Who Won the Powerball" -- ramped up Friday amid rumors, speculation and tantalizing clues.

Hotels that feel like home for the holidays

There's no denying it, the holiday crush is upon us.

Jobless claims decline as Sandy impact wanes

The number of people filing for unemployment benefits for the first time declined last week, a sign that the impact of Hurricane Sandy on jobs is starting to wane.

Obama, Romney to talk about leaner government over lunch

Mitt Romney is coming to the White House. The defeated Republican presidential nominee will lunch with President Barack Obama on Thursday in the Private Dining Room.

Winning Powerball tickets sold in Missouri, Arizona

If you are in Missouri or Arizona, check your lottery tickets. You could be filthy rich.