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'Pink slime' manufacturer sues ABC News for $1.2 billion in damages

Beef Products Inc.

Four hot reads for fall

Fall is time to get serious. School is back in session. The presidential election is just weeks away. Baseball's pennant race is on. Hollywood turns from popcorn features to Oscar-worthy drama.

Amputee pushes disabled athletes to aspire for more

Some athletes strive to conquer mountains, but Andrea De Mello started with a much more humble goal: a lamppost.

No school Friday but end of Chicago teacher strike may be near

Public schools will be closed Friday in Chicago but the end of the teachers strike could be near.

U.S. embassies tighten security as protests rage over anti-Islam film

United States embassies and consulates across the Middle East kept security forces at the ready Friday as Muslims protested across the region, enraged by an online movie trailer that characterizes the Prophet Mohammed as a womanizing buffoon.

U.S. military identifies dead detainee

A detainee who was found dead over the weekend at the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was identified as Adnan Farhan Abdul Latif, 32, of Yemen.

Apple's $30 Lightning adapter won't work with old speakers

The Twittersphere was aghast about the hefty $29 and $39 price tags Apple is placing on adapters to connect the iPhone 5 to old docks, alarm clock radios and speaker systems. "What a rip off!" said @chrisoldroyd.

Stem cells help deaf gerbils hear

About 37 million Americans have some level of hearing problem, and science hasn't come up with a perfect solution to restore this valuable sense.

Nintendo unveils Wii U, lands in stores November 18

Nintendo's Wii U finally has a price and release date: The next-generation gaming console, which comes with a large touchscreen controller, will go on sale in the United States on Sunday, Nov. 18 for $300.

New York health board approves ban on large sodas

New York City's Board of Health voted Thursday to ban the sale of sugary drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces in restaurants and other venues, in a move meant to combat obesity and encourage residents to live healthier lifestyles.