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Women are back on the job

Women are finding their way back into the workforce.

Baby Gabriel's mom found guilty of imprisonment, custodial interference

Elizabeth Johnson -- whose 8-month-old baby, Gabriel, disappeared in 2009 after she allegedly took him to Texas -- was found guilty Thursday of unlawful imprisonment and custodial interference.

Bangladeshi dad on son's arrest: 'We couldn't believe our ears'

The father of a 21 year old foreign exchange student nabbed by anti-terrorism teams in New York over an alleged plot to blow up Manhattan's Federal Reserve Bank says his son is a timid man who was often scared to travel alone and that he si

Investigation revisits Secret Service prostitution scandal

Misconduct with prostitutes by U.S. Secret Service agents handling travel security for the president in April was not a one-off incident, according to a media report citing an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security.

West Nile outbreak falls short of 2003 numbers

We're still more than two months from the end of the year, but the number of West Nile Virus (WNV) cases in the United States has already exceeded the second-highest annual total.

Flavor Flav arrested on assault, battery charges

Former rap star Flavor Flav was arrested Wednesday in Las Vegas, Nevada, and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery in a case involving his fiancee of eight years, police said.

Making healthy choices -- without thinking

Would you be more likely to take the stairs if the elevator doors were slower to close? Would you be more likely to eat healthy foods if the unhealthy selections were harder to reach?

Twitter blocks content of German neo-Nazi group

Twitter will withhold content from a neo-Nazi account at the request of German authorities, the first time it has put into action a policy of local censorship it adopted in January and a step that will probably reignite debate over freedom of e

Holiday gifts: What women want, men don't give

When it comes to gifts, it's not the thought that counts. At least, not in America's wealthiest households.

The other unemployment rate

U.S. unemployment fell to 7.8% in September. But that doesn't mean the other 92.2% of adults are working.