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May jobs report: Cautious hiring continues

Employers are hiring at a restrained pace as jitters about the economy linger.

Parents despair for 'most wanted' terrorist son

While others enjoy the approaching summer, barbeques and baseball, one American family scours the internet looking for clues to whether their son is alive.

Rough day for George Zimmerman in key hearing

A combative hearing four days before the start of George Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial saw attorneys spar over three key issues that may be critical to his defense.

Waning Andrea to dump heavy rain across East Coast

Tropical Storm Andrea is expected to drench the East Coast with heavy rains Friday as its strength weakens.

Chrysler announces different SUV recalls

Days after announcing it would fight a federal safety regulator's request to recall 2.7 million older vehicles, Chrysler Group announced the recall of 630,000 newer model SUVs.

Verizon inks deal to live-stream Sunday afternoon NFL games

Verizon extended its exclusive deal with the National Football League yesterday, which for the first time will include the ability for subscribers to stream Sunday afternoon games and playoffs on their phones.

Farewell 3% mortgage rates

Say goodbye to ultra-low mortgage rates. In the past month, rates have been on the rise and they are expected to continue to climb.

Judge under fire for allegedly saying minorities are prone to violence

Civil rights groups filed a complaint this week against a federal judge in Houston after she allegedly said during a lecture that some minorities are prone to violence.

Tropical Storm Andrea ready to pummel Florida with intense rain

Tropical Storm Andrea is set to wallop Florida with torrential rain as it prepares to make landfall Thursday. The first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season made its debut Wednesday by pummeling Cuba with heavy downpours.

Witness talks about fiery Jeep crash that killed friend

What Jenelle Embrey saw happen to her friend in the rear-view mirror last year prompted her to become a leading critic of the Jeep Cherokee's safety record.