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Skid marks among few clues in Texas prosecutor slayings

A set of large tire tracks. It's one of the tenuous clues that could help authorities figure out who killed Kaufman County's top prosecutor and his wife.

Former Atlanta schools superintendent reports to jail in cheating scandal

The former superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools was among the educators who surrendered to authorities Tuesday after being indicted by a grand jury in a cheating scandal that rocked the district and drew national attention.

40 years after epic fire, convicted man to go free

What is it like to be thrown behind bars when you're 16 and told you'll languish there for the rest of your life? All for a crime you adamantly claim you didn't commit. Louis Taylor knows.

Connecticut panel crafts gun law overhaul

A bipartisan legislative task force in Connecticut has agreed on a major overhaul of the state's gun laws in the aftermath of December's deadly attack on an elementary school, lawmakers announced Monday.

Few clues in Texas prosecutor killings leave public officials apprehensive

As state and federal investigators flood this north Texas county searching for clues in the killing of two prosecutors in two months, the 100,000 people who live here can do little but nervously watch, and hope.

North Korea says it plans to restart shuttered nuclear reactor

After weeks of hurling threats at the United States and its allies, North Korea announced plans on Tuesday to restart a reactor at its main nuclear complex that it had agreed to shut down more than five years ago.

April Fools: Google's smell-o-vision, electronics for cats and bacon mouthwash

April Fools is here, and the usual suspects are at it again.

Medicare Advantage patients could see bills rise next year

Millions of Americans who get their health insurance through the Medicare Advantage plan could soon be paying more for coverage, according to an announcement expected Monday.

Life or death for Colorado movie theater shooter? Prosecution walks a 'tight rope'

Since the death penalty was reinstated in Colorado more than 35 years ago, the state has executed just one person.

Who's killing Texas prosecutors? Chilling mystery leaves county on edge

Frayed nerves and a palpable tension cloak this quiet Texas county as half a dozen agencies hunt for the killer or killers bent on taking out top criminal justice officials.