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Flavor Flav arrested on assault, battery charges

Former rap star Flavor Flav was arrested Wednesday in Las Vegas, Nevada, and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and battery in a case involving his fiancee of eight years, police said.

Making healthy choices -- without thinking

Would you be more likely to take the stairs if the elevator doors were slower to close? Would you be more likely to eat healthy foods if the unhealthy selections were harder to reach?

Twitter blocks content of German neo-Nazi group

Twitter will withhold content from a neo-Nazi account at the request of German authorities, the first time it has put into action a policy of local censorship it adopted in January and a step that will probably reignite debate over freedom of e

Holiday gifts: What women want, men don't give

When it comes to gifts, it's not the thought that counts. At least, not in America's wealthiest households.

The other unemployment rate

U.S. unemployment fell to 7.8% in September. But that doesn't mean the other 92.2% of adults are working.

Attorneys to release confidential Boy Scouts files on alleged child sex abusers

More than 20,000 confidential Boy Scout documents will be released Thursday identifying more than 1,000 leaders and volunteers banned from the group after being accused of sexual or inappropriate conduct with boys.

Man arrested after plotting Federal Reserve bomb, authorities say

Federal authorities running a sting operation arrested a 21-year-old Bangladeshi man, who came to the U.S.

Feds bust black market in dinosaur fossils

Make no bones about it, dinosaur remains are worth a pretty penny on the black market.

Lance Armstrong resigning from Livestrong cancer charity

Former pro cyclist Lance Armstrong will step down as chairman of the Livestrong cancer charity he founded in 1997 after recovering from the disease, organization spokeswoman Katerhine McClane said Wednesday.

Zimmerman Trial Is Set

The criminal trial for George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer charged with second-degree murder in the slaying of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, is set for June 10, his defense attorney said Wednesday. --