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New York police make arrest in Brooklyn shooting

Police in New York have arrested a man in connection with a weekend shooting at a Brooklyn house party that left nine people hospitalized.

Houma resident gets into fist fight with homeless man; arrested on drug charges

A Houma man has been arrested on drug charges after being detained for getting into a fist fight.

Paula Deen fallout: A mess for suppliers?

As Paula Deen's home-goods empire unravels, companies making or distributing her products -- everything from pots and pans to dishes and scented candles -- may be left with a messy situation of their own.

Guantanamo lawsuit: End forced feedings before Ramadan

With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, lawyers for four Guantanamo Bay captives are trying to end forced-feeding at the U.S. detention facility in Cuba.

Child's body found under tarp in middle of Texas street

Children playing in a Texas suburb made a gruesome discovery Monday -- the decomposing body of a child on a residential street.

Kremlin: Snowden has given up on plan to stay in Russia

Edward Snowden has abandoned his effort to seek asylum in Russia after President Vladimir Putin warned that he would have to stop leaking information about U.S. surveillance programs if he wanted to stay, a Russian official said Tuesday.

Western U.S. seared by heat as eastern U.S. deluged by storms

Mother Nature is showing her versatility in wildly disparate ways across the country. While dangerously hot temperatures broil the Southwest, parts of the Northeast grapple with flooding from torrential storms.

Egyptian military issues warning over protests

Egypt's armed forces sent a stiff message to the country's embattled president and his political opponents and allies, saying Monday that the growing governing dispute must be resolved in 48 hours or it will step in to restore order.

Thousands of borrowers to get mortgage payments reduced

Starting this week, hundreds of thousands of struggling borrowers could be in for a pleasant surprise: a quick and easy way to get their mortgage payments back on track -- and save considerable money.

Texas abortion battle continues, heads into second special session

If at first you don't succeed ...