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50 million compromised in Evernote hack

Tens of millions of online note-takers found themselves worrying about their security Monday, as questions remained about a weekend hack of Evernote.

Buffett says he's still paying lower tax rate than his secretary

Warren Buffett says even though he and other top earners are paying higher taxes this year, he thinks he's still paying a lower rate than his secretary.

Family, medical examiner at odds over how Mississippi mayoral candidate died

The family of a Mississippi mayoral candidate claimed Sunday that he died after being "beaten, dragged and burned," but it's an account a medical examiner disputed, saying "I don't know where that is coming from."

Workers to finish destroying Florida home where sinkhole devoured man

As a giant red crane plunged into the Florida home where a massive sinkhole swallowed a man whole, pieces of the family's lives were pushed into public view.

Doctor accused of severing babies' spines with scissors in 'house of horrors'

The Hippocratic Oath, when properly translated, doesn't actually say, "First, do no harm." But since the time of the ancient Greeks, that's become the mantra for every medical professional.

No agreement in White House meeting on spending cuts

President Barack Obama blamed Congress for failing to prevent $85 billion in forced government spending cuts that take effect on Friday, saying that the sharp reduction will harm economic recovery.

Florida man polishes off a thief with glass cleaner

While assault rifles are flying off the shelves in America, a Florida man has shown that home defense can be done much more cheaply -- with a bottle of glass cleaner.

Defense in cannibalism plot trial says conversations were fiction

Defense attorneys for New York police officer Gilberto Valle, accused of a cannibalism plot, tried Thursday to show their client engaged in "fantasy role-play" during online conversations with his three alleged co-conspirators.

Florida man swallowed by massive sinkhole in his bedroom

A 36-year-old man disappeared Thursday night when a sinkhole opened up under his bedroom in Florida, swallowing him as his brother tried to rescue him, authorities said.

Judge orders Fort Hood shooter to stand trial in 3 months

An Army psychiatrist accused of opening fire and killing 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas, will begin trial proceedings in three months, a military judge ruled.