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'Crippling' winter storm bearing down on Great Plains region, forecasters say

Call it winter weather, part two.

Sorority girl drops 107 pounds

Brittni Garcia's family didn't go out for walks; they went out for dinner. And when they were at home, they enjoyed watching movies, playing board games and eating big Mexican-style home-cooked meals.

Fisherman scoops up mammoth's tooth from the sea

When you're dragging a net through a body of water, you're likely to dredge up anything. One fishing boat captain came across something that likely hasn't been seen for thousands of years.

Sony's PS4 future lies in the 'Cloud'

The new Sony PlayStation 4 is a beast of a gaming console, but its most amazing feature has nothing to do with with raw power.

Man pleads guilty to owing $1.2 million in child support

A New York man the federal government dubbed the nation's "Most Wanted Deadbeat Parent" has pleaded guilty to evading $1.2 million in child support payments.

Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z confirm joint tour

The rumored joint tour between Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z is officially happening.

Don't recall sending that message? Maybe you're 'sleep texting'

If you have a smartphone, you may have felt the embarrassment of sending a private message to the wrong person or having autocorrect fail you at just the wrong time.

Male teen from Houston fights to wear dress to prom

A teenager in Texas is fighting to wear what he wants to his senior prom. He wants to wear a dress, heels and a wig. The boy says his school won't let him.

Aspiring rapper among dead after shooting, fiery crash on Las Vegas Strip

A shooting and a fiery crash left three people dead in the neon heart of the Las Vegas Strip on Thursday, and police scrambled to find out who triggered the carnage.

Hotel with corpse in water tank has notorious past

The Cecil Hotel's dark past earned it a spot on Los Angeles tours long before a woman's body was found inside its rooftop water tank.