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No soda ban here: Mississippi passes 'Anti-Bloomberg' bill

In Mississippi, you will never be denied a colossal soda or huge restaurant portion because of a city ordinance.

Marines killed in Nevada training explosion were all under age 26

They came from all across America: from Connecticut to Florida to Illinois, and many points in between.

Apollo mission rocket engines recovered

A set of giant rocket engines that once propelled astronauts to space have now been recovered from the icy depths of the Atlantic, say a team of researchers led by founder and CEO Jeff Bezos four decades after they splashed into the

Obama tells Netanyahu 'it's good to get away from Congress'

Stepping off Air Force One Wednesday in Tel Aviv, President Barack Obama seemed to breathe a sigh of relief at escaping a gridlocked Washington.

Carnival: We'll increase ships' ability to operate on backup power

Carnival Cruise Lines said Wednesday it will increase the number of systems and services that its ships can run on backup power -- part of a fleetwide review the company is conducting after a string of mechanical problems.

U.S. military considers its options in Syria

The Pentagon has consistently updated its options for using the U.S. military in Syria, as conditions on the ground have changed.

Ohio school shooter shows contempt, no remorse during sentencing

Prosecutor Jim Flaiz, upon learning Ohio school shooter T.J. Lane was going to make a statement in court Tuesday, told relatives of his victims to be prepared for something inflammatory.

On the first day of spring, winter weather overstays its welcome

Ah, the first day of spring. It conjures images of butterflies flapping through azure skies and bunnies hopping through meadows of fresh tender grass.

Obama and Biden to be out of country simultaneously

It's the ultimate 'who's minding the store' question: For the first time since taking office, both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden will be out of the country at the same time (i

Immigration reform: Congressional negotiators close to deal

A day after the Republican National Committee released a post-election report calling for comprehensive immigration reform, House Speaker John Boehner told reporters that the bipartisan House group working on legi