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Study: Doctors should share notes with you

After you leave your doctor's office, there's a crucial part of the appointment that happens behind your back: Your doctor writes a note describing how the visit went.

National deficit tops $1 trillion for fourth straight year

NEW YORK (CNNMONEY) — The federal government logged a $1.1 trillion deficit in fiscal year 2012 -- marking the fourth straight year of trillion-dollar shortfalls.

Apple's post-Steve tipping point

Here's one of those peculiar Apple paradoxes: One year after the death of Steve Jobs -- the iconic leader Barron's once called "the world's most valuable CEO" -- Apple's value has soared.

Five charged in alleged teacher-student relationships at New Jersey high school

Three New Jersey high school teachers were arrested Thursday on charges of having sexual relations with three students, according to the Camden County Office of the Prosecutor.

New York demands documentary footage on Central Park Five case

New York City is demanding that documentary filmmaker Ken Burns hand over footage of the movie he made about five men who were wrongfully imprisoned and later exonerated for the rape of a woman in Central Park.

Fiscal cliff threatens 277,000 federal jobs

Federal workers have weathered a two-year pay freeze, increased health insurance premiums, and threats of more cuts from Republicans.

Judge in video beating seeks reinstatement; ex-wife is opposed

A judge suspended after an online video showed him beating his teenage daughter is asking the Texas Supreme Court to reinstate him. Judge William Adams' former wife, however, opposes his return to the bench.

Toys R Us enters video streaming business

Toys R Us is getting into the video streaming business. On Thursday, the toy store company is launching, a new digital service for users to stream and download movies and television shows geared toward children.

Dems: Today is a new day

The morning after a presidential debate that saw a forceful Mitt Romney attacking President Barack Obama's economic record, top Democrats said the event wouldn't sway the state of the presidential race.

Fact Check: Would repeal of Obamacare hike seniors' drug costs?

Health care was a huge topic during Wednesday's presidential debate. President Barack Obama said the repeal of Obamacare would cause seniors' prescription drug payments to rise.