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If deficit deal isn't made, some Americans may suffer

NATIONAL (FOX44) - Millions of Americans may not get their Social Security checks next month.

The "Girls Gone Wild" crew have a wild crash in Ohio

DELAWARE, Oh (FOX44) - The production bus for the reality TV show, "Girls Gone Wild" lost part of its top near Columbus, Ohio. The accident happened in Delaware, Ohio at a spot known as "The Can Opener."

On this day in history, the All-Star Game was played for the first time outside the United States

1787 - The U.S. Congress, under the Articles of Confederation, enacted the Northwest Ordinance, which established the rules for governing the Northwest Territory, for admitting new states to the Union and limiting the expansion of slavery.

The Philippines, Afghanistan, Bolivia, China, Hungary

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – The Philippines, police say an American woman, her son, and a relative are now being held by the suspects. A witness says the three were dragged to a boat and vanished.

The future of travel is just around the corner

BOSTON, Mass (FOX44) - If you’re sick of Baton Rouge traffic, a Massachusetts company has a new way to beat the morning commute.

Sherwood Schwartz passes away at 94

NATIONAL (FOX44) - The man who brought us "Gilligan's Island" and "The Brady Bunch" has died. Sherwood Schwartz died at 4am on the morning of July 12th of natural causes.

The hotel from the movie "Twilight" catches fire

CORBETT, Or, (FOX44) - Firefighters in eastern Oregon spent the day trying to save a landmark hotel from burning down. A fire broke out at the View Point Inn, which was featured in the movie Twilight, Sunday, July 10th.

On this day in history, the Etch-A-Sketch goes on sale

1862 - The U.S. Congress authorized the Medal of Honor. 1864 - U.S. President Abraham Lincoln witnessed the battle where Union forces repelled Jubal Early's army on the outskirts of Washington, DC.

Russia, India, Iceland, United States, Canada, Germany

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Russia, at least fifty people are dead after a cruise ship sank Sunday afternoon. The fear is a hundred more people drowned. The ship was reportedly carrying over double its capacity.

President Obama holds meeting to find a way to cut spending

NATIONAL (FOX44) - President Obama was trying to rush photographers out of the room as he opened his second meeting in two days with congressional leaders. The meeting was on how to cut spending, and raise the debt ceiling.