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Zimmerman's wife arrested for perjury

George Zimmerman's wife was arrested Tuesday afternoon for allegedly lying at his bond hearing about the couple's finances.

Apple's Siri is becoming a better conversationalist

You've probably seen the new Apple TV ads with actor John Malkovich having what looks like the most charming chat of his life with Siri, the voice-activated "personal assistant" on the iPhone 4S.

Ohio boy tells police father killed his mother on 911 call

Barely holding back his sobs, a 13-year-old boy makes a heart-rending 911 call to the Grove City Police Department in Ohio.

Family net worth plummets nearly 40 percent

The average American family's net worth dropped almost 40% between 2007 and 2010, according to a triennial study released Monday by the Federal Reserve.

Apple announces high-res laptops, a smarter Siri

UNITED STATES (CNN) — Faster, thinner laptops with hi-res screens. FaceTime video chatting over cellular networks. And a smarter Siri. But no upgrades to Apple TV.

Obama, GOP and economic blame game

President Barack Obama said Friday that partisan gridlock has helped hobble economic growth and has brought legislative business to a crawl, and he put the blame squarely on an uncooperative Congress.

Mississippi investigators look to positively identify homicide victim

A small town located along the beach in Mississippi is not used to hearing about violent crimes in their community.

Texas student declared dead after falling into river during field trip

A student from The University of Texas at El Paso is missing after he fell into the Colorado River at the Gold Bar recreation area near Moab, Utah, on Wednesday afternoon.

Hot air balloon hits power lines just after bride-to-be accepts proposal

A marriage proposal in southern Indiana concluded with a shock and trips to local hospitals late Wednesday, when the hot air balloon carrying the future bride and groom hit a power line and knocked the pilot unconscious, a sheriff's office

Peanut butter prank means students won't walk at graduation

The paint and the peanut butter were just the beginning.