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Rules on pat down searches of children are changing

NATIONAL (FOX44) - The head of the TSA says airport security screeners must try to avoid pat down searches of children by making repeated attempts to screen them.

Early Charlie Chaplin movie could fetch big money in London

GREAT BRITAIN (FOX44) - A previously unknown Charlie Chaplin film bought off an internet auction site for just a few dollars is set to go under the hammer at a London auction next week.

Pilot rants about sex with co-workers while air traffic controllers listen

NATIONAL (FOX44) - A Southwest Airlines pilot was heard complaining to his co-pilot about "flight attendants" The rant from the flight deck couldn't be heard by passengers, but other air traffic controllers could.

On this day in history, mob boss John Gotti is sentenced to life in prison

1836 - The U.S. Congress approved the Deposit Act, which contained a provision for turning over surplus federal revenue to the states. 1860 - The U.S. Secret Service was created to arrest counterfeiters.

Another disturbing case involving those so-called "bath salts."

OHIO (FOX44) - A scare for a group of teens who decided to mix the synthetic drug with mountain dew. They all had to go to the hospital after hallucinating.

Changes to popular Fox show "Glee" may suprise viewers

There may be some changes ahead for Fox's hit show "Glee" and fans may not like it. reporting executive producer Ryan Murphy said the third season will be more character driven.

President Obama to give speech reguarding bringing troops home

President Obama is speaking Wednesday, June 22nd to unveil his plan to start bringing U.S. troops home from Afghanistan.

On this day in history, Richard Nixon changes voting age to 18

1868 - Arkansas was re-admitted to the Union. 1870 - The U.S. Congress created the Department of Justice. 1909 - The first transcontinental auto race ended in Seattle, WA.

Mexico, United States, Japan, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Mexico, at her strongest today, Beatriz packed winds of 90-miles per hour.

Red Cross Volunteer honored for 70 years of service

Tuesday Genny Sheridan was honored for 70 years of service to the American Red Cross.