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On this day in history, World War I officially begins

1865 - The American Dental Association proposed its first code of ethics. 1866 - The metric system was legalized by the U.S. Congress for the standardization of weights and measures throughout the United States.

BR Metro Council kills Mayor's bond proposal

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - The Baton Rouge Metro Council has killed Mayor/President Kip Holden's third bond proposal. Shortly before 5pm, Wednesday afternoon, the council decided not to vote on the proposal.

South Africa, United States, Kenya, Columbia, Afghanistan

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – South Africa, 21-hours after his family called an undertaker to take his corpse away, a man was up and walking again. Obviously he didn't die after an asthma attack like they thought.

Virgina police searching for serial stabber

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va (FOX44) - Police in northern Virginia are looking for a man they suspect of stabbing girls in their rear ends at shopping malls.

On this day in history, Bugs Bunny makes his debute

1775 - Benjamin Rush began his service as the first Surgeon General of the Continental Army.

Mexico, The Philippines, Chile, Japan, Australia, United States

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Mexico, travelers now have the option of getting a free measles shot. The move came after a baby arrived at the Mexico City airport with it earlier this month.

Deadline coming soon to raise debt ceiling

NATIONAL (FOX44) - With one week to go before the August 2nd deadline for U.S. default, the partisan bickering continues on Capitol Hill, and Americans are angry.

The Happy Meal is getting healthier

NATIONAL (FOX44) - Beginning in September, all Mcdonald's Happy Meals will contain both fruit and fries. Customers will no longer have the option, they get both.

Lawsuit filed in New York over same sex marriage

NEW YORK (FOX44) - The first lawsuit against New York's same sex marriage law was filed on July 25th. Only one day after wedding ceremonies throughout the state.

On this day in history, Babe Ruth makes his final public appearence

1775 - A postal system was established by the 2nd Continental Congress of the United States. The first Postmaster General was Benjamin Franklin. 1788 - New York became the 11th state to ratify the U.S. Constitution.