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Sandy could ravage Northeast as 'Frankenstorm,' forecasters warn

Floridians have little to fear from Hurricane Sandy as the storm loses some force and begins veering away, but all the way up the Atlantic Coast, New Englanders are worrying about its fury as a combination of weather conditions threaten to turn

Texas can ban Planned Parenthood from health program after court decision

The work of Planned Parenthood in Texas was dealt another blow this week.

'Avengers' characters top survey of in-demand Halloween costumes

What do Thor, Captain America and Batman have in common? (Hint: we're not talking about their spandex.)

American Airlines to hire 2,500 pilots

The iconic, but troubled, American Airlines says it intends to hire 2,500 pilots over the next five years.

Obama uses expletive to describe Romney in interview

This election that has produced new phrases like Romnesia and Obamaloney. President Barack Obama has a new one for his Republican challenger that didn't require any literary creativity: "bulls***er."

Clark Kent quits newspaper job in latest Superman comic

Add Superman to the list of reporters leaving the newspaper business behind.

Bobby Brown arrested again on DUI charge

Singer Bobby Brown faces his second drunken driving charge this year after a Los Angeles police officer pulled him over in the Studio City community early Wednesday, police said.

ER doctor to testify in Douglas Kennedy trial

Timothy Haydock, an emergency room physician and Kennedy family friend, is expected to take the stand Thursday in the trial of the son of the late Robert F. Kennedy.

FAA proposes penalty for US Airways over maintenance issue

Federal officials have proposed penalizing US Airways $354,500 because, they say, the airline flew a jet 916 times after failing to perform required tests and an inspection on an engine repair.

Student, 17, arrested in Jessica Ridgeway murder

Austin Reed Sigg, 17, been arrested in the murder of 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway, according to Westminster, Colorado, police.