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Attorneys for Loughner expected to enter new plea Tuesday

Attorneys for Jared Lee Loughner, charged in the January 2011 mass shooting outside a Tucson, Arizona, supermarket are expected to enter a guilty plea on at least one of the felony counts against him if a federal judge determines Loughner is co

Close-knit mosque community shaken by fire

Members of the Joplin, Missouri, mosque destroyed by a suspicious fire are sad and shaken, but resolute in their plans to stay in the area, a spokeswoman said Tuesday.

Tropical Storm Ernesto expected to become a hurricane

Tropical Storm Ernesto is expected to become a hurricane by Tuesday evening as it churns through the southern Caribbean toward the Yucatan Peninsula, forecasters said.

Police try to unravel mystery of man with huge stash of fake IDs

Police in Florida are trying to solve a mystery surrounding a man arrested with an enormous stash of fake military, law enforcement and medical paraphernalia including federal badges, police radios and even a full NASA flight suit and helmet.

Best Buy founder offers to buy out company

Best Buy founder Richard Schulze made a bid Monday to buy the retailer's outstanding shares, driving up the company's stock by more than 20% in premarket trading.

Tropical Storm Ernesto heads toward Honduras

Central American authorities started evacuations as Tropical Storm Ernesto churned toward the Honduran coast Monday.

NASA's rover Curiosity lands on Mars

NASA's rover Curiosity successfully carried out a highly challenging landing on Mars early Monday, transmitting images back to Earth after traveling hundreds of millions of miles through space in order to explore the Red Planet.

Source: Wisconsin temple gunman Army vet; may have been white supremacist

UPDATED --The suspected gunman in the shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin was discharged from the Army in 1998 for "patterns of misconduct," according to a Pentagon official who wasn't authorized to speak on th

Romney pins 'hammer blow' unemployment rise on Obama

Republicans pounced quickly Friday after a Labor Department report showed the unemployment rate rising a tenth of a percent to 8.3% in July. The report also showed 163,000 jobs were added last month.