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How can Yahoo be saved?

In the wake of Google alum Marissa Mayer's surprise hiring as CEO, variations of the same question are popping up again and again: What can be done to turn once-mighty Yahoo around?

'Fast cash' payday loans cost borrowers $520 per year in fees

Americans tempted by the promise of fast cash are paying an average of $520 a year in fees for short-term credit lines known as payday loans.

Physical inactivity causes 1 in 10 deaths worldwide, study says

Physical inactivity causes 1 in 10 deaths worldwide, according to a series of studies released in British medical journal The Lancet, putting it on par with the dangers of smoking and obesity.

AIDS activists arrested after hoisting banner near U.S. Capitol

About a dozen demonstrators used metal poles, wire cables, and rappelling gear to hoist a large banner high in the air within sight of the U.S. Capitol Wednesday. It called for a tax on billionaires to help pay for funding to fight AIDS.

Michael Jackson's siblings attack estate executors

Janet Jackson and four of her siblings sent a scathing letter to the men who control Michael Jackson's estate, accusing them of fraud and of abusing their mother.

U. S. Customs and Border Protection seizes water guns

Toy water guns can be a fun activity for children, especially with the warmer summer months approaching, unless they contain lead.

Flip-flops present feet with a painful problem

With a litany of stubbed toes, sprained ankles, broken bones and blistered feet, Americans' feet are hurting.

Bobcat breaks into prison

Officials responded to the Monroe Correctional Complex (MCC) Tuesday morning for an unusual reason— a wild bobcat had breached the outer perimeter of the maximum security prison and was hiding somewhere inside.

Texas man finds his car 42 years after it was stolen

It was a reunion more than four decades in the making. Almost 42 years after Robert Russell' s prized 1967 Austin-Healey sports car was stolen, he has it back, thanks largely to his own detective work.

Former Mentor Police officer admits to murdering wife

A former Mentor Police officer accused of murdering his wife and storing her body in the garage of the couple's home has admitted to her killing.