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Antarctica, North Korea, Egypt, Spain, England

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Antarctica, a Russian fishing vessel is still stranded and it’s taking on water. "Sparta" has a one-foot hole in its hull after ramming into some ice. Getting to the ship is very difficult.

New in Entertainment - December 20, 2011

NEW YORK, NY (FOX44) – It's a Golden Globe nominated stocking stuffer as Woody Allen’s time-jumping romantic comedy "Midnight in Paris" kicks off this week's new DVD’s.

Sherlock Holmes topped the box office

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) – “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” topped the box office this weekend. 1. “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” – $40-million

The Philippines, Russia, Colombia, Chile, England

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – The Philippines, conditions are desperate here. People are without homes and without food after the massive storm sent walls of water and mud through villages.

New in Theaters - December 16, 2011

NEW YORK, NY (FOX44) – Taking to the high seas Alvin, Simon, and Theodore set sail on a new chapter in their musical franchise with "Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chip-Wrecked” a family-friendly offering just in time for the holiday

Antarctica, India, China, United States, Australia

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Antarctica, a Russian fishing vessel is stuck. And it looks like help won't be able to get there for several days because it'll take crews that long to reach it.

India, Honduras, Chile, Mexico, France

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – India, a bad batch of moonshine killed at least one hundred people. Instead of a buzz, people who drank the stuff were poisoned.

New Zealand, Romania, United States, England

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – New Zealand, 2-tourists were rescued from a raging river. Crews found the pair clinging onto a tree.

Belgium, China, Norway, Canada, Japan

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Belgium, 4-people are dead and at least 100-others were hurt after a man snaps in a busy square.

New in Entertainment - December 13, 2011

NEW YORK, NY (FOX44) – Discover the ground-breaking technology that brought Caesar to life like never before as the origin story "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" kicks off this week's new DVDs.