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Chicago official asks Chick-fil-A to clarify gay marriage stance

A Chicago alderman says Chick-fil-A's president is publicly contradicting what company executives personally assured him for months -- that the fast-food chain is changing its stance on gay marriage -- and he asked the company Sunday to cla

iPhone 5: The wait is over

In what's become an annual rite, thousands of diehard fans of Apple's iconic smartphone endured long overnight lines outside Apple retail stores around the world to be among the first Friday to buy the new iPhone 5.

Launching a new war on cancer

Fifty years ago, President John F. Kennedy came to Houston and told the world that the United States would go to the moon before the end of the 1960s.

Tiny homes hit the big city

Hari and Karl Berzins decided to build a tiny home for their family in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains to free themselves of the financial burden of owning a large home.

Cleaning up oil spills with magnets and nanotechnology

Oil companies could soon be using an innovative new technique involving nanotechnology and magnets to help clean up offshore oil spills.

GM recalls 426,000 sedans

General Motors announced a recall Friday of more than 400,000 sedans because of a transmission problem that causes cars to roll when they're supposed to be in park.

Space shuttle Endeavour completes its retirement trip Friday

Endeavour will do flyovers Friday of Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Francisco atop a modified jumbo jet -- weather permitting -- then land back at Los Angeles International Airport to end its three-day journey to its retirement home.

Does Botox affect the ability to parent?

TV personality Kelly Ripa recently told In Touch Weekly she uses Botox possibly as often as she trims her nails. She also said her kids are useful gauges for when it's time for a tune-up.

BPA linked to children's obesity

The chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA, has a long and controversial history.

Colorado shooting suspect to appear in court as new charges sought

The man accused of spraying bullets in a crowded Colorado movie theater, leaving 12 dead and 58 wounded, is scheduled to attend a court hearing Thursday as prosecutors seek additional charges.