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Already snowed under, Buffalo braces for up to 3 feet more

Enough already. Shivering under up to 6 feet of snow in its hardest-hit sections, Buffalo, New York, may see another 3 feet Thursday.

Civil rights leader Al Sharpton argues $4.5 million owed in taxes

Civil rights leader Al Sharpton sharply denounced an extensive New York Times report that he and his companies are subject to $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens.

Former supermodel Janice Dickinson accuses Bill Cosby of rape

(CNN) -- Former supermodel Janice Dickinson accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault, telling "Entertainment Tonight" in an interview aired on Tuesday that the comedian raped her.

Arkansas father of 26, arrested for not paying child support

Terry Turnage, the man who has reportedly fathered more than two dozen children, has been arrested. Turnage was arrested in St. Francis County, Arkansas, for not paying child support.

Texas woman admits husband videotaped her having sex with under-age relative

Charles Travis Cloud, of Corpus Christi, and Vanessa Lisla Cloud, of Zapata, have been ordered to prison for the sexual exploitation of a child, announced U.S. Attorney Kenneth Magidson.Unknown Object

Consumers regain trust in Target after major hack

Have customers finally forgiven Target for last year's massive credit and debit card data breach? The answer appears to be yes. The retailer reported an uptick in third quarter earnings Wednesday.

Shoppers not feeling Black Friday this year

Stores may be opening early for Black Friday, but that doesn't mean shoppers will show up.

Keystone XL pipeline bill fails

The Senate blocked a measure Tuesday that would have authorized construction of the Keystone XL pipeline as Democrats chose their pro-environment base over an old friend -- embattled Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu.

WA State girls use allowance to buy supplies for the homeless

Two young Vancouver girls are working to make a difference in their community by helping the city's homeless residents make it through the cold November nights.

5 types of people you should 'unfriend' on social media

We all have them: Old classmates, distant relatives or obnoxious co-workers, filling our social feeds with posts about people we don't know or barely remember. Jimmy Kimmel would like us to let them go.