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What happens if DHS shuts down?

Congress has just two days until Department of Homeland Security funding runs out, and it's anyone's guess whether they'll take the department off the cliff.

CDC investigates deadly bacteria's link to doctors' offices

The Centers for Disease Control is raising a red flag that a potentially deadly bacteria may be lurking in your doctor's office.

Luxury getaways for (much) younger travelers

Get used to hearing babies crying in First Class or seeing toddlers at the check-in desk at high-end hotels.

Long-delayed marathon bombing trial set to begin in Boston

The death penalty trial of accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev -- long delayed by painstaking jury selection, crippling snowstorms and last-ditch appeals to move the case someplace else -- is on track to finally get underway here n

It's official: America has deflation

America looked a lot like Europe in January.

Atlanta dodges winter storm, system moves up the coast

This is a tale of two storms. The one that (kind of) hit Atlanta and the one that hit everywhere else. Atlanta's was anti-climactic. Everywhere else was worse. Ask folks along a line from Arkansas to Virginia.

What does net neutrality mean for you?

On Thursday, the FCC is expected to approve new rules that -- depending on which side you believe -- either ensures a fair Internet or smothers it with unnecessary regulation.

Boston-area man sells snow starting at $19.99

The only thing crazier than a guy in snowbound Massachusetts boxing up the powdery white stuff and offering it for sale online? People are actually buying it.

Weather threat postpones Georgia's first execution of a woman in 70 years

Not since Lena Baker, an African-American convicted of murder and pardoned decades later, has Georgia executed a woman.

FBI: 3 men in New York attempted to join ISIS

Two of three men arrested in the United States on Wednesday in a failed attempt to join ISIS in Syria allegedly discussed assassinating President Barack Obama, according to a complaint unsealed in federal court in Brooklyn, New York.