Neighbors want CA woman to remove middle finger statue

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 11:43am

A woman in California is defending a controversial statue in her yard of a giant hand giving the middle finger.

"Frick frack I say," said June Sortore, the owner of the statue.

Call it giving someone the finger, or the bird.

This 10 foot tall statue June Sortore has put up in her yard, she says has a different meaning of the "F" word.

"I've still got fight, I'm still able to fight," Sortore explained.

Sortore says she's fed up with past tribal leaders, homeowners letting their cattle run freely, ruining her yard, and alleged mishandling of tribal funds.

"There was one project where a guy was supposed to revamp our water, the guy went off on a holiday and went and bought furnishings for his house," Sortore sai.d

So she built this statue.

We can't show you the whole thing because of FCC regulations.

It's been up in her yard for five years.

But it just became an issue last week when the tribal office asked her to remove it, calling it an embarrassment and offensive, especially to young children.

(Reporter): "Do you think it's okay for kids to walk by here and see this?"

"Sure, sure, my grandson, my youngest grandson helped me on it," Sortore explained.

We found a youth center and playground just down the street from Sortore's home.

Despite objection from the current tribal administration, Sortore plans to keep the one-gun-salute in her yard.

She says it's a freedom of speech and piece of artwork.

"Why is it bad, why is it obscene? To me it's not obscene. It's not hurting anyone, it's all in which your interpretation is," Sortore said.


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