New Businesses Coming to Acadian-Perkins

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014 - 5:46pm

A busy Baton Rouge intersection is about to get even busier. Some more big businesses are moving to Perkins at Acadian. NBC 33's Rachael Penton has the story.

The intersection of Acadian and Perkins is a bustling corner of Baton Rouge, thanks to all of the new businesses that have moved into the area. Michael Nicholas has been washing windows and doing maintenance for tenants in the nearby Acadian-Perkins Plaza since 1992, and he's watched the area continue to grow.

"You see a lot more people. You see a lot more cars. A lot more restaurants opening," says Nicholas.

Right next door to the plaza at Juban's Restaurant, General Manager Scott Callais is seeing customers drop in from all over the city, and he says the new businesses in the area have a lot to do with it.

"We've seen people who have not been to Juban's in quite a few years that are coming back into the area to go to retail shops and they're stopping in for lunch and for dinner," says Callais.

And now- even more growth is on the way for the intersection. According to Jon Claitor- the center's owner- Starbucks, Mattress Firm, and the Vitamin Shoppe are all expected to sign a lease in the coming weeks.

"I'm excited about what it will bring to the center. It's just another way for the whole center to prosper More tenants. More activity. More business," says Claitor.

Claitor will build a new building in the plaza parking lot- right across from the future Red River Bank- to house the retailers. He's also putting an old ATM back into service for the bank to use, and is adding more parking.

"I think it's more of a contemporary look than it has in the past five years, so I'm excited about the future for the whole area," adds Claitor.

It's just one more project coming to the area that will give Baton Rouge residents more retail options, and give local businesses a boost.

"That'll be nice. It'll help my business a lot and it'll help the people that work for me," adds Nicholas.

Claitor says six new tenants have already signed leases this year. He only has three spaces left for rent.  


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