New EBR Sheriff's Office location more convenient for the public

Photo provided by staff.
Monday, July 1, 2013 - 5:00pm

The East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Department has a new home, and it will be more convenient for the people of East Baton Rouge. Well, that's their hope anyway.

It is right next to the Baton Rouge Metro Airport, a lot closer and easier to get to for most people than the old location Downtown.

The new EBR Sheriff's Office is just off of Interstate 1-10 and near the airport. Sheriff Sid Gautreaux said this is a good thing.

"One of the problems we had downtown was the parking and the congestion. We don't have that," Gautreaux said. "This is easy access both in and out. People come in here, whether it's the public coming in here or our people that work here."

Now, every single EBR Sheriff employee works out of the same office.

"In the old building, we had people working on the second floor and the first floor, and the staff had to be separated because of space issues," Gautreaux said. "However, some of the people were out-sourced into other buildings away from there and we are able to bring everybody under this one umbrella."

The new facility has convenient parking, and the Sheriff said that alone will help people take care of business.

"I'm just proud to see after all these months of work that we have a finished product and everybody in this building is happy to be here. It's very worker and user-friendly to everybody," Gautreaux said."It's something that the Sheriff's Office has as its own, and I think we needed that."

The Sherrif's Office has been working on this project for more than a year. The new 20,000 acre facility cost taxpayers $160,000.   


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