Officers awarded for taking drunk drivers off the streets

Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 8:00pm

More than 20 law enforcement officers were recognized today for working to eliminate drunk drivers on our roads.

In 2011, alcohol related incidents were responsible for over 40 percent of the 676 deaths on Louisiana's roadways. However, authorities statewide made almost 30,000 DWI arrests in that same year.

This is the fifth year DWI Awards have been given out by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.

Officials say the push to end drunk driving is showing in the decline of deaths resulting from alcohol related crashes.

The 22 recipients included municipal police, sheriff's deputies and state police.


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This is fine and dandy to slay this dragon, but there is a new fire breather that we all are ignoring. Cell phones are more dangerous because so many people use them compared to drunk drivers. In 5 to10 years it will be the new cause, it's come up on the news and in legislation but not in force yet. But it will. Riding motorcycles gives a keen perspective on what people are doing driving. Drunks by night, phones by day!

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