People across Baton Rouge breathe sigh of relief as government shutdown ends

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Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 8:08pm

From new mothers, to small business owners, to federal judges, the government shut down seemed to leave few untouched.

"I was like, oh lord what is the world coming to? I was nervous and scared! I have a newborn, and they was cutting off WIC and everything, my baby needs milk," explained new mother and WIC beneficiary Lateisha Hill.

So it's not surprise there's a collective sigh of relief as the wheels of the fed start turning again.

"I was watching it the whole time! I was like, 'what time is it?' because I knew they were going to come to a decision by dinner time. I was happy," added Hill.

That sense of relief was felt by many here in the Capitol City, as federal employees returned to work for the first time in 16 days without the fear of furlough. It was good news for small craft breweries, like local Tin Roof Brewery. The craft brew company had been held hostage in a way by the furlough, waiting for federal approval to release new products.

"It potentially could hurt us, especially being seasonal brews, they're usually tied to the weather conditions," explained John Peak of Tin Roof.

And while federal workers are back on their case and moving paperwork along, it's not clear yet how resounding the effects of the shut down will be.

"Nothing in the short term was affected, but more our long term could potentially be affected. And it's just going to become a waiting game once we figure out if they're delayed by six weeks, two weeks, are they caught up quickly," added Peak.

The deal reached by congress Wednesday night only funds the government for the next three months.


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