People have mixed emotions about the idea of a military strike on Syria

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Friday, August 30, 2013 - 6:04pm

Here at home, we wanted your reaction to what's going on in Syria. So today I got your opinions on what you think the President should do?

Michael Kent said the crisis in Syria is now pressing, but Kent said he has faith in our government to do what's right.

"I think the administration should at least try to address the humanitarian crisis and take whatever actions that they and the international community think is best to that end, without requiring prolonged United States involvement," Kent said. "Well first, I can't say that I'm surprised given the recent trends in the region, but if the administration decides to put boots on the ground, I trust their judgment."

However, Jenae Wise disagrees.

"It's just absurd, I mean we don't have the money to do it," Wise said. "People want to help, but the only option that they're giving is let's bomb, let's get the military, there's no side that can win."

Wise is so against the idea of a military strike on Syria, she's organizing her own protest here in the Capitol City because Wise said everyone's voices need to be heard.

"More endless war. They just want to keep us at a constant state of terror, so they can take away all of our constitutional rights," Wise said. "What's going on in Syria is tragic. It is absolutely tragic, but there's no other options . There's got to be millions of billions of brilliant people who can find another option."

A rally protesting against attacking syria will be held Sunday at the State Capital at Noon. It's one of many being held across the country.  


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