People near Woodlake Drive Bridge have concerns

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013 - 11:00pm

People who live in the White Oak landing neighborhood near O'neal Lane in Baton Rouge are mad. They are going miles out of their way to get around a bridge that's been under construction for more than a year.

City officials shut down the Woodlake Drive Bridge because it was not safe. For the past year, crews have been working to rebuild it. Cindy Morris, who lives near the bridge, has had enough.

"Well it's really put a lot of stress on my family and my kids who go to school on the other side of this bridge," Morris said. "It's a lot of extra effort to get people here to get where we need to go."

Morris said the Department of Transportation and Development told her utility issues and equipment repairs caused the delays. However, she is not buying it.

"We just don't understand what is taking so long since they are not usually out here working," Morris said. "Who's following up on the project? Who's working to make sure that the contractors are actually doing their jobs?"

Morris has to drive miles out of her way to get home and to get out of her neighborhood.

"Our fuel costs have increased about a thousand dollars per year for my family to get back to go around every day," Morris said.

The bridge is supposed to be done by December. However, after a year in construction, the bridge is only 7 percent complete.

"People keep telling us to be patient, and we are trying," Morris said. "At this point, its going to be another school year that we have to go through because the bridge isn't going to be finished."

The Department of Public Works officials apologize for the inconvenience, and they hope to finish the project before the end of the year.


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