People who live near False River say they're not scared; Flesh-eating bacteria in waterways

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Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 5:40pm

Many may be celebrating their holiday on the water, but be careful. One person has died and three others have been hospitalized from a flesh-eating bacteria on the Gulf Coast according to the Department of Health and Hospitals. However, people who live on the False River in Jarreau said they are not afraid.

Gloria Shaw and her husband have lived on the false river for 25 years, and she is not scared of flesh-eating bacteria affecting their waters.

"It's a beautiful lake, and it's been wonderful," Shaw said. "The water quality is actually good. They've tested it many times, and even our water quality with lead contaminants is better than most."

Shaw said the False River does have spots of fresh water, but since the river gets tested frequently, she is not scared.

"I''ve had my grandkids swim out here. We've had family members out here, and we've never had a problem with the quality of water," Shaw said.

Shelby Summers said she is not scared either.

"I'm not really scared. I'm not scared of much," Summers said. "There's nothing bad about the water, and it's just fish swim around you. It's life."

Shaw said she is not going to allow this to spoil her 4th of July fun.

"We're enjoying it now, we've grilled, we have people over and we're going to have some nice food..."

To ensure that you are safe, the DHH said to make sure you do not swim near drainage pipes or after heavy rains, and make sure to always avoid swimming with an open cut.   


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