Planiffs in Monolyte labs lawsuit describe chronic health conditions

Document provided by the offices of Due, Price, Guidry, Piedrahita & Andrews
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 7:26pm

Eleven Slaughter residents have filed a lawsuit seeking damages for a range of health issues they have said were caused when the Monolyte facility caught fire in November of last year.

Laura Gasquet just got back from the emergency room Wednesday afternoon, it's one of many times she's been for breathing problems since the Monolyte plant near her home exploded less than a year ago.

"I would have liked to die last night because I couldn't breathe. I walked the floor I couldn't catch my breath, I still can't catch my breath. I am taking a new inhaler along with the COPD inhaler along with some antibiotics, and I ain't never had bronchitis. Never," explained Gasquet.

Gasquet is one of eleven people being named in a class action suit against the chemical plant.

"The younger and the older have tended to have a number of respiratory problems. One family has actually moved their small children to another neighborhood completely to escape it," explained attorney Donald Price, Price is one of the lawyers who has brought the suit forward.

All of those named in the suit have said that since the explosion their lives have been changed forever.

"I was very active, went fishing, stayed out in the yard, everything and now I can not do it. When you can't breathe you can't go, you know. When you walk you get out of breath," said Carlene Freemyer, another plaintiff in the suit.

Freemyer and Gasquet have both said they're tired of getting the run-around and fed up with getting no answers.

"It’s a terrible thing when you can't breath, and you can't breathe and it's hot, and then when you can smell the chemicals in the air. We shouldn't have to be subjected to that," said Louise Johnston, a third plaintiff in the lawsuit.

"I would rather have my health than a lot of money, because I can't breathe or do anything," added Freemyer.

Calls to the Monolyte representatives were not immediately returned.


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