Port Allen searching for cheaper recycling solution

Monday, June 25, 2012 - 6:32pm

With a recycling program that’s putting the city in the hole $60,000 a year, the mayor and city council members of Port Allen are searching for a way to cut costs, or get rid of the program.

Port Allen resident James Lemoine said he's happy to fill up his recycling bin every week and do his part. But recently he's started to worry, knowing the city is losing hundreds of thousands on the recycling operation.

"It does worry me because I think it's a good thing to recycle. There's not enough people recycling," said Lemoine.

‘So how many people are using their curbside recycling?’ That’s the question city officials are also asking themselves to determine if the recycling program is worth saving.

“How many people in town are actually using the service, or are we paying for something that some unknown percentage of people aren't using?” Roger Bergeron, Port Allen’s mayor asked.

Bergeron said the city would like to keep the curbside recycling service, but admits it's draining dollars. Currently resident are only charged $17.00 per household, but it's costing the city over $19.00 per household, and the losses are starting to add up.

"That turns out to be a shade under a $60,000 loss a year,” Bergeron explained, “I think what we need to do as city leaders is currently look at all possibilities. I am sure talks of a rate increase are upsetting for some people."

The last suggestion on the table is to set up recycling drop off points around the city, and do away with the curbside recycling. The mayor and city council will continue to discuss the issue at council.


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