Port Allen voters chose Slaughter

Saturday, December 8, 2012 - 11:25pm

In Port Allen - the race for mayor started at three in November, and ends tonight with a clear winner.

The people of Port Allen chose Deedy Slaughter for their new mayor. She beat out incumbent Mayor Roger Bergeron. It was a heated race down to the last day.

In the end, Slaughter received 55 percent of the vote. Bergeron had 45 percent of the vote. He told supporters that the loss was hard to take but the numbers show Port Allen voters wanted a change.

"It has been a singular honor and privilege to serve my city as mayor for the one year. I'll always remember it but most of all I will remember the people in this room who really stuck with me for so very very long," Bergeron,said.

Slaughter says she worked heard to win and will be the change voters wanted.

"We stuck with our things. We said we were going to do. We continued to knock on doors. We continued to go to the polls to see who did come out to vote and check the list off. Just like Santa Claus checking it once checking it twice. We went and knocked on doors and got them to come out," Slaughter,Mayor-Elect Port Allen, said.

She explained her first step as mayor will be to go over the city's budget with fiance experts.


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