Predators using dating apps to target women: use caution

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 5:57pm

When it comes to finding a date these days, there are a lot of apps for that but you should be careful. There are predators that use those same apps, to find victims.

That’s why police are talking about it now. These apps are all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Police tell us creeps are everywhere and these apps offer another outlet for predators.

"I think its a little creepy," said Nicole Slack.

What’s creepy? Nicole thinks dating apps are creepy. She’s has never used apps like Tinder, Whisper or Grindr but she knows people who do.

"Basically it’s kind of like you're meeting a stranger,” noted Slack. “You don't know if they're actually the person you're talking to."

These apps are designed to help people meet, by allowing them to reveal a little bit about them and start up a conversation. But it's not for everyone.

“There is lot of weird people out there,” Said Tyler Stevens “I don’t think meeting strangers is typically a good idea."

Police don’t think it’s a great idea either.

"Don’t go alone,” said Louisiana State Police Trooper, Jared Sandifer. “There are people out there with bad intentions on their mind."

All over the country there are cases of predators, using these apps to find women and then assault them when they meet up.

“It’s terrible of people to target on these apps. These dating apps are used for people who are going on to hopefully find someone,” Said Haleigh Pope.

And Nicole can understand how things can turn sour if you're not careful.

“I find with women were much more willing to give information about ourselves.”

“For girls it’s a lot more risky because there are a lot more creepers out there," noted Stevens.

Police say you need to be really careful listen to your gut.

“People need to use common sense,” said Sandifer. “If someone seems too good to be true it might be the case might be too good to be true.”

But to be clear, police say it's not the app itself, it's the people that want to misuse it that they worry about.

There is nothing wrong with people meeting people online and using new apps there are a lot of new apps out there these days and that’s a good thing

And to make sure it stays a good thing, do your homework and be aware.

There have been a handful of reported rape cases out of the Philadelphia area. A lot of the apps, including the ones mentioned above, have terms of service that prohibit harassment of other users.


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