Re-building continues six months after Hurricane Isaac

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 6:39pm

The sounds of re-building still ring through the Riverside community of Maurepas in Livingston Parish. Six months after Hurricane Isaac life here still isn't back to normal.

"A lot of people still can not live completely in their homes because there's still mold. There’s still flooring gone. They’re having to live in one bedroom of their home because they can only fix one at a time. They don't realize what we're still going through," Danielle Lessard with the volunteer fire department explained.

The fire department is still collecting donations from toiletries to furniture, to help those who are still rebuilding.

Jodi Vicknair and her family still haven't forgotten the havoc wrecked by Hurricane Isaac.

"Our house is, I would say, probably about 60% done. We’re living in a 25ft trailer, with three kids," Vicknair explained.

The storm brought 14 inches of rain in to their home, so they've been forced to start from scratch.

"That’s the thing. These things here, you can go out and buy that, you can buy that. But you can't go out and buy the memories. You just can't," Vicknair shared.

The majority of residents are still rebuilding months after the storm and subsequent flooding, but a small percentage have decided the damage was just too much for them to handle.

"I can count at least six houses that are deserted back here, have not been touched since the flood. You walk inside, it's probably condemned it's probably so full of mold. They’re not going to come back and they lost everything," Vicknair said.

Vicknair and her family say as long as they have each other though, not leaving.

"We’re together, we're not harmed. None of us are hurt, and yeah we're not living in our house yet, we're living in a trailer. But we're still together," she said.

Most people we spoke with say they should be ready to move back in to their homes within the next six months.


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