Refugees celebrate first Thanksgiving

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 9:30pm

Refugee Marid Mohammed Saeed loves living in the United States. He moved from Iraq to America just three months ago with his family and he said not a minute too soon.

"According to the bad security situation over there I’ve been threatened because I worked with the U.S. army," says Saeed.

He spent Wednesday having a traditional Thanksgiving meal with about 100 refugees from across the world at our Lady of the Mercy in Baton Rouge. And the volunteers who handed out the meals to them were happy they could make this day special.

"It's a great opportunity for us to give back for the Thanksgiving holidays. It's better to give than to receive," says volunteer Trudy Bihm.

And that's exactly how Saeed feels. So he's making the transition into the United States a little easier by helping to teach other refugees English and other skills.

"For people here it's so hard. It's so difficult from areas from the other side of the world to come over here," states Saeed.

But no matter how many people he helps, his thoughts are never too far away from his two brothers who are still in Iraq.

"They're still in danger. One day they will chase them and it's really worrying me a lot about their safety over there," says Saeed.

For now though, he's just happy to be spending the holidays with his new family here in the United States.

"I love the people here. So generous, beautiful, helpful, cooperative. I really love it," states Saeed.


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