Remodeled Repentance Park wins parents approval

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 6:40pm

Baton Rouge resident's got a chance to check out the big changes to Repentance Park. The Downtown Development District teamed up with the city-parish to host a ribbon cutting ceremony Tuesday April 2.

"I think it's amazing. I love having open green space for us to spend our time downtown," Kelly Francois, a Baton Rouge mom, described.

Parents say the new park has a little something for everyone. There is tons of green space to play frisbee, and tables for people who want to have a picnic.

The Francois family came out Tuesday to see the latest green space to hit downtown.

"I think it's really pretty, and it's a good addition. I mean I liked it before, but I mean it's just more grassy and it's just and it's fun to hang out downtown," Ryllee Francois, 10 explained.

City officials say up-keep on the old park was too expensive, so they decided to give the park a face lift.

The remodeled features 750 new water jets. The jets replace the parks old fountain. Officials say the new jets will save the city about $300,000 a year in maintenance cost.

Francois says the new water jets will help out during hot Louisiana summers.

"Got to have water. You've got to have water. We have three different little areas now right within walking distance we can go out from one to the other. Keep them busy. "

Parents say the renovations give kids more places to play and visitors more reasons to stay downtown.

"It was always here when you went exploring. There was always some where cool to find, but now they are creating connected green spaces for us to come as a destination," Francois explained.

"It's good because there is a lot more stuff to do. It makes it not like a boring city. It makes it a really interesting city," Ryllee Francois agreed.

Repentance Park connects the River Center, city hall, and the old state capitol.

Francois said the new green space is a sign of the city's growth.

"I would say it's tremendous. My husband and I left for ten years and then we came back about five years ago. It's a different city then the one we grew up in. We are thrilled to be a part of it," Francois said.

She can't wait to see what the city changes next.

The new green space is about 2 acres in sizes. The project cost $3.9 million to complete.


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