Residents begin to clean up after flooding; rain has finally stopped

Thursday, January 17, 2013 - 5:22pm

If you happened to go outside Thursday you probably noticed a big change, the sun came out! That's a big deal for all of us, but especially for those who are beginning the cleanup process from the past week's excessive rain. And now that the sun is finally out and the rain has stopped, people have begun to mop up the mud and are trying salvaging anything they can.

One local says the rain fell for so long, he almost lost hope. “This is too much for a 74 year old man," said Earnest Hall. Earnest hall is stuck in the mud, literally cleaning up the mud that has settled in front of his house over the past two weeks. "I'm cleaning the slab off trying to get this mud off of it."

Because along with the New Year came rain, and lots of it. "It was about 2 foot on this front slab right here and its gone down quite a bit and now its 4 inches of water and it was right at two feet," said Hall.

Now it's finally stopped and residents in the French Settlement area of Livingston Parish say it's about time. "I can get out here and clean up now and start taking easy again maybe gets to do a little fishing,” Hall noted.

And this series of showers flooded areas of Livingston Parish that never experienced extreme flooding before.

"This was back water flood it wasn't like a hurricane we have wind driven water and the flooding was caused by excess rain coming from the Amit river basin," says Assistant Police Chief in Livingston Parish, Lawrence Callender.

And by having only 3 dry days so far this year, earnest says after 13 years he was about to give up. "All those fronts come off the gulf I was about to give up on it," concluded Hall.

But now the water levels are slowly going down, and earnest will try and clean as much as he can, before the next storm rolls through.


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