Residents react to settlement situation

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014 - 8:32pm

US District Court Judge Jay Zainey granted preliminary approval of a settlement between some property owners in Bayou Corne and Texas Brine. Larry Centola, one of the lawyers for the class counsel, said it's a $48 million settlement that affects 90 properties.

"We've never been in it for the money from the start. We're in it for the community," Mike Schaff, Bayou Corne resident, said. “We want people to be made whole again. We want people to be able to move on again, and I still don't see that happening.”

Some residents it's a relief to see progress, but the fight is far from over. There are still several steps before property owners will see a check.

Some residents say the settlement terms are not exactly what they were looking for.

Russell Poirrier, Bayou Corne resident, said, "I thought we were sold out pretty cheap 48 million dollars sure not going to go too far."

According to a statement from Texas Brine those property owners who accept a settlement will have to sell their homes to the company.

Still, some residents want to stay.

“If they're telling me I got to move I'm probably going to withdraw,” Poirrier said, “Definitely don't wan to leave my home.

Centola said residents who want to stay will have the option of opting out of the settlement.

For now all residents can do is go through the steps and decide what’s the best move for their families whether that is to accept the settlement or not.

“I'm sure there are other people who think like me they want the people that need to, to move on with their lives. The young married couples [and] the ones with children. Those people need to move on, and if they are ready to move let’s get them out get them on their way. The rest of us we'll just settle what we have to and we'll go on with our lives, Schaff said.

No matter what happens some residents say they'll never be able to replace the community of Bayou Corne.

"I'll never get back what we had," Schaff said.



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