Residents react to two synthetic marijuna busts off of O'Neal Lane

Photo provided by EBRSO
Friday, June 13, 2014 - 4:51pm

"'I am just shocked, I am really shocked and I am nervous.”

People that live off of O’Neal lane are upset. And they're worried, after two novelty shops on either side of their neighborhood got busted for selling synthetic marijuana.

It was a series of raids by the East Baton Rouge Sherriff’s Office that led to the arrest of four people accused of selling and keeping synthetic marijuana, stolen goods, and having a lot of cash from the sales.

These busts come only a couple months after BRPD did similar raids . Fake marijuana is a big problem in our area.

Locals tell me it's ridiculous, kids have easy access to so many more drugs than ever before. "It really shocked me it's this close to home."

This man just moved to a neighborhood right off of O’Neal Lane with his family. It’s right in between two novelty shops that have been busted for selling fake weed.

"It’s really bad. Like I said I have two kids and they are teenagers and to know that something like this is going on in the neighborhood I am really shocked."

Take a look at what EBR deputies found at the lotus novelty shop off O’Neal lane Nearly 200 pounds of synthetic marijuana.

After they searched the owners home, they tell NBC33, they found a more than 30 thousand dollars and even more fake marijuana. These two were booked into the parish prison, along with two others at this shop for also selling the drug.

"This isn't the first time this shop fun times was busted for selling synthetic marijuana. This shop was raided by the police department a few months ago for the exact same thing."

When I told him about the second shop only blocks away from his front door, he was shocked.

"Seriously? I feel really bad this night have been the wrong neighborhood for me to move in."

And another resident, who's lived here for seven years, has seen it all.

"We really never had any novelty shops over here but within the last 3 years they started building them up. There is two on this side then one on the other block, so we have one in front of us and two behind us; were smack dead in the middle."

She’s tired of them getting busted shut down, and then opening back up.

"If one got busted yesterday that means the second one got busted like it's every two months they are getting busted and it's scary."

So even though locals are upset this is happening so close, they are glad our law enforcement is stepping up.

"They are doing their jobs but I think they need to close them up if they want to sell synthetic marijuana that's just as bad as you going out on the streets and selling weed but now you can go into a store."

Deputies also found a stolen gun and some cash at the fun times shop, in addition to the fake marijuana.

Ebrso narcotics, k-9 and scat executed a duly sworn search warrant for the fun times shop at 15959 hewwood suite d and arrested these two people.

Khatara smith dob: 02/05/1990

Distribution schedule 1, synthetic marijuana
Pwitd schedule 1, synthetic marijuana
Illegal possession of firearm w/cds
Possession of stolen firearm

Vangades chew dob: 06/16/1975

Distribution schedule 1, synthetic marijuana
Pwitd schedule 1, synthetic marijuana
Illegal possession of firearm w/cds
Possession of stolen firearm
Possession of schedule ii, adderall

Ebrso narcotics, k-9 and scat executed a search warrant at the aforementioned search warrant at the lotus shop located at 1962 oneal lane suite k.
Persons arrested & charges are as follows:

Tim nguyen 11/30/1974

Pwitd schedule 1, synthetic marijuana
Distribution of schedule 1, synthetic marijuana

Tien hoang 01/27/1981

Distribution of schedule i, synthetic marijuana


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