Richard Lee,III speaks out about his plan for Port Allen

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Sunday, April 6, 2014 - 9:55pm

When Richard Lee, III first heard he had won the Port Allen mayor’s race Lee said he was excited.

"Very emotional. It was wild. I can't believe I didn't realize had that many supporters here in Port Allen," Lee said.

Lee was all smiles Sunday.

"It feels good. It touched me here. I'm happy, and I'm ready to go to work for the people of Port Allen," Lee said.

Lee beat out three other candidates including recalled mayor ‘Deedy’ Slaughter for the job of mayor of Port Allen.
Lee received the majority of the vote.

"When the people in Port Allen believe they've got a good leader,” Lee said. “They'll come out and vote for them. That's what they did."

Lee will serve out the remainder of Slaughter's term. In November voters chose to recall then mayor Deedy Slaughter after months of political infighting at city hall.

Lee's supporters hope Lee can help heal the city.

"That’s exactly what we wanted someone who could bring the city back together,” Donald Gascon, Port Allen voter and Lee supporter, said. “... Make things run a little smoother. "

Rose Roche, Lee supporter, stated, "We are just ready to drop everything and let’s go get it. Let's make some things happen and make Port Allen the place that everybody wants to be a part of."

Lee explained that's exactly what he wants to do.

“I love Port Allen just like they do, and we want to see the city move forward. We want to do something positive for the city not only for one person but for everybody,” he said.

Lee explained his first step is meet with the city's interim mayor and department heads Monday.

Lee said, “In order to have your organization work you have to get to know the people that work with you. You've got to allow them [department heads/staff] to do their job. That's what I want to relay to them as long as they do their job I'm all for them. Because whatever they do they make me look good.”

He also plans on talking one on one with city council members.

“Communication: that's the key. You've got to communicate with everybody especially the people on the council. We all have to come together as leaders and lead the city in a positive direction,” He said.

Lee said it will take everyone in Port Allen to help make the city great.

“We want everybody involved in any issues that are going to affect the City of Port Allen. That's the key it's not a separation it's everybody being involved,” He said.


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