SCAM ALERT: Harassing caller claims to be from Bureau of Crime Investigations

Photo provided by MGN Online.
Friday, May 3, 2013 - 7:00pm

Officials in St. Mary Parish are warning residents about a potential scam from a caller who claims to be from the Bureau of Crime Investigations.

Officials say the call came from the telephone number (855) 204-0120. Investigators have learned that the caller claims the victim owes money from a loan financed by a local bank.

In one reported case, the victim tried to reason with the caller and explain that it must be a mistake. At this point the caller began making threats against the victim and her job. The caller claimed to have the victim’s social security number and personal information.

Officials say there is no such agency as the Bureau of Crime Investigations that would contact to collect on a loan. They advise you to hang up on the caller immediately and contact your local law enforcement agency.


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