Sequester could cause cuts to programs that help children with development

Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 9:00pm

Some here in Baton Rouge could go hungry. That's because of the Sequester in Washington. Now, some who depend on non profit organizations or government funded programs might not get the help they need. 37 million across the country rely on the government for help with it comes to food. That includes thousands here at home.

"There is chronic poverty in this part of Louisiana," says Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank President, Mike Manning. "Between 1 and 4 and 1 out of 5 children is food insecure which means they are uncertain where their next meal will come."

But with potential cuts to federally funded programs, like WIC which is Women, infants and children, could be at risk for losing their assistance.

"There are going to be families and communities that are hurt," says President Barack Obama.

"0 To 3 is there earliest learning periods and development periods so it could really be a significant long term impact and potentially long term public health impacts for these children," noted Manning.

Mike manning runs the Baton Rouge food bank. He said if the cuts are made at the federal level - then his shelves could go bare. "What types of significant increases could we be facing additional demand for more people seeking our assistance."

And he said that's a huge step in the wrong direction. "It very difficult to try and give them a hand up so its very important that we focus on the children and make sure they are given every opportunity to break the cycle of poverty," noted Manning.

Programs like WIC could be cut by five percent. It could happen as early as next month.


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