Shavers family demands further investigation into son's death

Monday, December 17, 2012 - 10:00pm

The parents of an autistic child found dead in West Baton Rouge parish are speaking out. They want state police to investigate further. The parents don't think state troopers investigated properly.

"That's hard. I still can't wrap my brain around it. It's hard he was my baby," Lillian Shavers exclaimed.

Lillian and Kelvin Shavers can't believe their 6-year-old son Kaleb is gone.

"We might have our moments. We might see a piece of clothing or just sitting there thinking about it. I mean we're a close family," Lillian Shaves, explained.

Kaleb was a light for the Shavers family. He was always smiling and full of energy.

"I mean he was you know real lovable," Kelvin Shavers, Kaleb's father, said. "He was just an angel."

The family attended a church Christmas party in Port Allen Friday night. All of a sudden Kaleb disappeared.

"I was just scared. When I noticed that obviously he wasn't around it was just panic,disbelief," Lillian Shavers cried out.

Area law enforcement and family friends searched for hours. Searchers combed the road ways near U.S. 190 south of La 415.

"I had made up in my mind that I wouldn't leave him until i found him," Kelvin Shavers determined. "If I had to spend the night you know on top of the levee or anywhere I wanted to leave with some closure to it."

Then Kaleb's body appeared on the side of the road early Saturday morning.

"He told me that they found them, and then I said 'oh is he alive.' He told me no, but I didn't believe it," Lillian Shavers could barely get the words out. "I just wanted to go see Kaleb. I wanted to see him. "

Louisiana State Police say the boy walked away from the party through a cane field and eventually was hit by a car on the busy highway.

Kelvin Shavers has a different theory: "I feel like he was picked up and thrown on the side of the road."

He says the evidence State Police provided doesn't add up.

"No 6-year-old child would walk that long, and take routes like that and get hit. They done signed off on it and said their findings are what they believe. The coroner said what he believed. My investigation will never end. I will find out who it is," Kelvin Shavers affirmed.

Now all that Kelvin and his wife can do is wait and pray that someone turns themselves in to law enforcement.

"Just turn yourself in. I don't know if it was intentionally or what. I don't know. Just turn yourself in," Lillian Shavers pleaded.

The funeral for Kaleb Shavers is Thursday morning,10:00 o'clock, at Winnfield Funeral Home on Plank Road.

There is a memorial fund set up for Kaleb J. Shavers at Capital One Bank.


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